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Thank you to Everyone who supported the LaRosa’s Fundraiser



The HCN supports independent providers of Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) waiver services. We have started a New Providers Group to encourage more people in our community to go this route. There is now uncertainty about the future of independent providers in Ohio since the governor has included a phase out of this option in his biennial budget proposal. The links below provide additional information.

Click HERE for link to the DODD website to apply to become a provider.

Click HERE for more information about the HCN New Providers group.

Click HERE for updates on the Governor’s budget proposal to phase out independent providers.

Click HERE for a list of elected officials to contact regarding the phase out of independent providers.

Click HERE for a link to the petition to end the plan to phase out Independent Providers

Click HERE to submit feedback to the Ohio Association of County Boards about the plan to phase out Independent Providers



On Saturday May 16, from 1 – 4 pm, the HCN will host a block party at the Community Center shelter area. The whole community is invited! There will be food and fun for the whole family, with supports and accommodations for those who may need them. Come learn more about the HCN and have a good time!