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EF logoEmployment First is a statewide initiative to increase integrated employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. This new law is bringing about many policy changes across agencies. The HCN is taking the family perspective. We will try to keep families up to date on what they need to know in this ever changing landscape on our Employment First page (also under Priorities of Community Living tab).


Now you can join us – even if you can’t be there!

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The HCN meeting on August 26 will be available on GoToMeeting for anyone who can’t attend in person. GoToMeeting can be accessed from virtually any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone through a URL or downloadable free app. Please join us!

For information on how to join the HCN meeting via GoToMeeting, click here.

Why are we doing this? The HCN wants to support ALL people with developmental disabilities in our community. To do this we must be able to accommodate the very wide range of independence capabilities that cross the DD continuum. We want to provide a forum for those who can speak for themselves, to let the community know what they need to be successful.  We also want to provide a platform for family members of those people with DD who cannot speak for themselves. These families are often underrepresented at meetings and public forums due to the simple fact that they cannot get there.  If the individual with DD can neither participate, or even sit still in a structured meeting, nor can be safely left at home alone, the only alternative is often for everyone to stay home, and no one goes to tell that family’s story.  With the use of this technology we hope to expand our reach to include more families who can participate in HCN meetings from their own home using whatever device they have. Of course there will be disruptions, but that is the nature of our lives. Please join us!